The Urgency


Running for Sanitation Awareness


Why The Urgent Run?

Sanitation is a basic human right.

Yet, 2.4 billion people in the world do not have access to proper sanitation  – the equivalent of 1/3 of the world’s population! Prolonged exposure to unhygienic conditions weakens a child’s immune system, stunts growth, and can cause malnutrition and diarrhoea-related diseases.

The silence around the impact of poor sanitation has dire consequences for human health, dignity and equality.

The Urgent Run is endorsed by UN-Water. Help us make this a reality by joining or hosting an Urgent Run!

Our Work

World Toilet Organization


What We Do

We are one of the few organisations whose sole focus is on toilets and sanitation.

The subject of sanitation has been severely neglected on the global development agenda.

Our work is focused on 4 key areas:

1.        Advocate to change policy on sanitation. Through its global advocacy efforts, WTO has made great strides in breaking the taboo associated with sanitation. The cornerstones of its advocacy work include the annual World Toilet Summit, World Toilet Day and Urgent Run.
2.        Educate to change mind-sets on sanitation. WTO collaborates with grassroots organisations and schools to increase awareness of the importance of sanitation in local communities. It does this via public exhibition roadshows and school sanitation and hygiene promotion programmes.
3.        Build to develop sanitation infrastructure and capacity. WTO builds toilet infrastructure in various schools and communities in several developing countries. It does this directly for example through the Rainbow Toilet Initiative in China or via its partners like in the Floating Community Toilet project in Cambodia.
4.        Empower to bring about long term social change on sanitation. WTO takes a market-based approach that empowers communities to solve their own sanitation challenges. This is done via the World Toilet College training model which builds capacity for sanitation workers and professionals and also via its social enterprise model, SaniShop.


Our vision is to see a world where everyone, everywhere

has access to a clean, safe toilet and proper sanitation.

Help us make this a reality by joining or hosting an Urgent Run!


Our mission is to continue to build the global sanitation movement through collaborative action that inspires and drives demand for sanitation, and provides innovative solutions to achieve sustainable sanitation for all.