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Organise An Urgent Run In Your Town Or City

The Urgent Run is World Toilet Organization’s advocacy campaign for UN World Toilet Day 
to draw attention to the international community’s urgent calls for action to end the sanitation crisis.
For the first time ever in 2014, 20 Urgent Run events were organised by community groups, schools,
associations, companies and NGOs in 13 countries all over the world.
For the past three years, in the lead up to UN World Toilet Day, communities worldwide have come together for sanitation-themed Urgent Run, with more than 63 events held across 42 countries!

This November, The Urgent Run will once again return as a global run with sanitation advocates around the world organising events to commemorate UN World Toilet Day. We’re calling on companies, NGOs, community groups and individuals like yourself, to join us by hosting an Urgent Run event in your town or city, wherever you may be!

Your event can be either public or private and could even include a fundraising element, where funds generated would go towards improving sanitation conditions all over the world. Feel free to explore event ideas from last year, which included a fun run, a competitive run, a relay event and a town hall meeting. You may even come up with your own creative ideas for the event!

Host your very own fun, inclusive, sanitation-themed event to engage people with
the global sanitation challenge. Organise your Urgent Run event in November 2017
(preferably before or on World Toilet Day on 19 November)

Download our Organizers Pack for tips on how to
organize your Urgent Run event.



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